Happy Accidents

I had to do a lot of research and explore what worked best for me to complete this assignment. I read the tips repeatedly but I couldn’t download the scenes I needed through the site provided. I also looked through the assignment tutorials but only one seemed to work. I had to take several breaks because I would get frustrated trying to find the best software to use. I ended up making an appointment with the DKC. James was very helpful and gave me some great ideas.

While I waited for my appointments, I decided to keep looking. I came across viddly.net. I was able to use this to download the movie scenes I needed for the essay. I then used video editor on my laptop to start the editing process. I used Audacity to do the voice narration.

I chose to focus and analyze body picture on a lens within the scenes I selected for my video essay. After I got the hang of it and I was able to get the scene I needed, it was fun in the end. I think I might do another for one of my assignments this week. 🙂 Hope to hear your feedback!


  1. I would recommend using VLC Media Player to download videos. The reason you cannot download videos straight from a site like YouTube is because they are encoded. In VLC, if you open the network stream in Files and paste a video link in, typically once the video starts playing you can go into Tools an click “Codec Information.” Double-click the provided link, which is the network stream decoding the video for you. If you paste that Codec link into your browser, you can download the video!

  2. I use Firefox for my browser, and I added a Youtube Download extension, so now I have a Download button next to the Subscribe button on all videos. That makes things easy. It is fun to analyze videos – it’s like seeing them in a whole new way.

  3. I had a lot of trouble as well so please do not feel like it was just you. I had to text multiple people for help understanding how to do everything. I got extremely stressed out and overwhelmed trying and trying to find a way to save the video of the scene I needed. I think you did amazing!

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