In my last week’s post for project ideas I wanted to share the story of peace and love through music. I think that music can connect us through emotions, experiences, and most importantly memories. I looked through my peers blogs and they all had great project ideas.


The two who I believe I could expand upon would be Kylie’s post regarding “Peculiar Vantage Points” and Lyndsey’s post “Create a cover album.” I believe I could create or find photos, images, or even drawings that reflects my story of peace and love. To Kylie’s ideas, I could take as many photos throughout the day that contribute to my story, with the forward-facing feature of the camera on the ground. Those would be very neat photos.

I could then use those photos to create a collage for the cover of an album or better yet, create a visual film/slideshow with background music reflecting the photos. I could even try to cover some of the songs I use within the film. I’m not a singer at all, but I think I can hit a note or two. My fiancé has a great voice. I am sure he would also help cover a song or two as well. 🙂 The possibilities are endless, but I think this is a great start.

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