Once again!

I have to say I really like creating films! However, the issue I always have with YouTube is the copyright with other movie scenes in my films. It’s annoying that I created three different projects this week just for YouTube to tell me they needed to be trimmed in order to upload and be shareable.… Continue reading Once again!

Weekly Rundown

Last week we posted our ideas about the final project. We all had some unique ideas with our own sense of style. Check out my post about my thoughts on incorporating two of our classmates ideas with my own. I found it very helpful seeing their ideas and being able to expand on my own… Continue reading Weekly Rundown

At it Again!

I had to get ahead as much as possible for the radio show this week. There’s just a lot going on in life, school, and this project is definitely time consuming. I do have a great group though which makes me feel so much better. We have an open line of communication which is super… Continue reading At it Again!