Across the Starts Alone

I selected ​Poetry Reading from the assignment bank for the weeks assignment. The instructions were to select a poem – it can be a personal favorite or one you find randomly – and read it aloud in a way that itself makes it a story. Then at the ending of that poem extend it or connect it to a story — this has to be more than just reading a poem to be a story.

My fiancé helped me brainstorm and inspired me to do this assignment. I was a little confused by the directions of the assignment, so I ask him for his understanding of the directions. We both understood the assignment the same way. Needless to say we are both huge Star Wars fans so I thought it would be interesting to add it to the poem Alone from Edgar Allan Poe. The song is Across the Stars (Love Theme from “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”)

I truly enjoyed putting this together and I will honestly remember it forever since my hubby helped me with the idea. I used Audacity to record the poem and also the song from my cell phone. I was able to layer the poem and the song together. I really find layering audio super fascinating.

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