I would not consider myself a photographer, but I do take a lot of photos with my phone. I also use Snapchat very often when I share certain pictures with my family and friends. I love capturing memories of my family, events, and new adventures. I do focus on lighting and make sure unwanted items are in my photo. I also aim to make sure the person I am taking a picture of is looking at the phone with a smile! My photos mostly consist of my kids, honesty. Anything they do, I usually snap a picture of it. I like using the portrait setting on my phone. I love how it focuses on the objective and blurs out the background of unwanted things that could ruin the photo! I typically capture all kinds of emotions but focus on happy and humors pictures. There a times that I do take a picture when I’m upset, and I do this because I share it with my fiancé or my mom. It’s funny because most of the time when I look at the picture later, I can still feel how I felt. Ha-ha!  

After reviewing the Twenty Ways to Make Better Photographs. None of Them Involve Buying Gear I can try to improve on better contrasting the pictures I take by looking at color, lighting, elements and subjects. I can also start looking for unique points of view, I think that would give great effects to the photos! Could even make them even sillier. Getting pickier and paying attention to the moment with my photos can also be a plus! The quote “One picture is worth a thousand words” by Albert Einstein, is honestly a very true statement because an individuals facial expression, body language, and appearance can say a lot about them or the moment someone has captured!


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