And another one- 9/10/21-9/17/21

I can say that I am definitely challenged each week in this class. Each week we work on something that I have never came across before. I have been the type of person who always loves to capture the moment, just as much as I like to live it in! Some people look at me funny when I have my phone out all the time and take a picture because they might not understand that pictures matter just as much as memories. I wouldn’t say I have a gift in photography, however, I love to be able to say that I capture that memory! Below are a list of all my assignments this week. The hardest assignment this week for me was Jacked up George. It was definitely challenging. I am always looking for feedback! 🙂

Below are my three daily creates! I had so much fun doing these this week. It was my first time drawing a train that I can remember. I actually had to Google a simple way to make a train! It looks simple and cute. Needless to say I love GIF’s on Twitter. The simplest thing can be so much fun. I used PhotoGrid on my phone to pixel my puppies! I am in love with that app, I never used it so much until ds 106!

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