Back at it!-9/24/21 – 10/1/21

Another great week in ds106, but it was a little tough grasping all the concepts within design. The readings were informative, although I was not as interested in the material like I have been other weeks. Therefore, it made it a bit difficult to follow. My reflection regarding designs can be found on my post, Patterns run the world. I tried my best this week with the tasks at hand, but I’m sure they could have been better. I know I will get better with time!

I completed 4 design assignments from the Design category. Each one has a different spin to it. I had fun completed them. Below you can find each:

  • Stop By!
  • Just Great!
  • Be Free
  • Amigos

Completing the DesignBlitz was a neat, but challenging assignment because I couldn’t remember each concept but tried my best to incorporate them in my pictures. I spent the week saying to myself that I have to capture just the right picture for this assignment. I believe I did a decent job. Here is my blog post on what I found and the 4 concepts analysis here.

Below are my three Daily Creates!

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