After reading Becoming a Better Photographer I started going through my photos trying to keep in mind not only my story but also our theme in Ds 106. Which is a bit challenging because I usually take pictures of my family! I came across a few pictures. The first picture is of my Husky/German Shepard mix, she is very active and loves to be on the move so taking a picture of her can be difficult. In this picture I could have been picker with the scenery around her, foreground/background. Instead of just focusing on just her, I should have also included her surroundings. A different perspective would have also been a great idea because in this photo you can’t really tell her features and personality.

The second photo is of the happiest place in the world… or at least in world! It was taken at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina, during sunset. I really like this picture because it captured the sunset very well. However, I could have tried it with different lighting or color, gave it more contrast. Or I could have paid more attention to the moment by being patience instead of rushing to take the picture.


I found quite a few different points in each photo that I was able to spot. Even though each photo could have been a little better, it still does not change the storytelling aspect of the image in my opinion. By looking at the pictures, I can remember different things from that day and also in the moment of taking the photo.


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