Group Development-The Fab Five!

Discord was a great help getting our group together! I saw Lyndsey’s text stating she needed partners for the project, so I reached out. We quickly formed our group of five. We all decided to use Lyndsey’s theme idea to recrate an old radio drama called ROY ROGERS “Missing Atomic Scientist”. We’ll be incorporating Bob Ross and his wife Lynda Ross as the main characters instead of the original characters. That way we are able to connect the course theme to our radio show.

I created a Google Doc and added the rest of the group in order to start planning the rest of the radio show. I made sure the guidelines from Professor Bond were add on the Doc as well, so we are able to see it there directly. It was important to add all the ideas Lyndsey had created and it was a great starting point. We started adding ideas, like title ideas, music, and the bumpers.

It is all coming along nicely. Each one of us is doing something different for the radio show, expect we still need to figure out how to divide the work equally. I have a great group and we all have different elements to bring to the table. I am still learning how to make great audio. It is honestly my favorite thing to do because I enjoy music, sounds, and making them go together. However, I am a bit rusty. Professor Bond did mention using the Vocal Booth in HCC116! I think it is a great idea that I will be looking into. Hopefully, all of our schedules will permit and we can meet up on evening.

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