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I participated in the live listening session on Tuesday night 9/21/2021 with ds106 radio. I was in and out of service, therefore, it was a bit difficult to follow along and access Discord. However, I did hear a lot of the nature and natural sound effects they used thought out the 30 minutes session. That make me want to try doing something similar this week with audio. However, my background audio was a song rather then sound effects and I’m sure it was very time consuming.

Honestly, it was a little hard to follow because I am not super interested in fungi’s or springtides! It was very humors which make it easier to follow along though. The session was also very informative. For example, when they discussed how trees will dump their carbon into neighboring trees when they are sick. I really had no idea. They also covered how fungi eat fish bones that bears leave after they’re done with them. It was relatively interesting, just not my cup of tea!


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