Jacked up George

Make That Money! The instructions were to give him a digital facelift! This assignment is inspired by this gallery of cartooning on bills, but you’re not limited to drawing. You can draw on a bill and upload a picture, or use image editing software. It is worth 3.5 stars.

This assignment was the most difficult one of all. I used GIMP to edit the dollar bill. I could not get the hang of it so I reached out to the digital knowledge center. The gentlemen helping me was use to Photoshop instead of this software, so he has to do some research on how to edit the layers. I used the free select tool to cut around the hat and the chain. I made George hip! Or should I say tried to. It was definitely frustrating trying to get the hang of it. Thus, why it is very simple. I hope to get better because this is not a proud moment for me! 🙁



  1. GIMP is hard, and I’ve been using Photoshop since the 90s. I’ve been googling just about everything I try to do. But here you’ve figured out how to do something. That’s a start, and that makes it good. If you keep on playing with it, pretty soon you’ll be able to do anything.

  2. Love it! The OG himself. I also appreciate the struggle you had in getting to the finished product here. New skills are hard sometimes, and you did a great job!

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