Morning Ruined!

For my last writing assignment, I decide to pick Dear Diary that is three stars. The instructions were to write a diary entry from your favorite Disney Villain’s perspective. I will be writing in the perspective of Maleficent.


Dear Dairy,

This morning I sent Diablo on a quest to inform me on what those pesky fairies were up to! As I waited, I decided to make avocado toast. I heard it was a very simple recipe. I gathered all my ingredients, or at least I thought I had all the ingredients! Don’t worry, I will fill you in, in just a moment. I picked the best avocado I saw. I was very upset I had to this myself because Diablo was not here to do it! I did not feel like leaving my castle, but I was hungry! It needed to be done. Nonetheless, I got the bread and started the process. While making the avocado toast I felt just a very small amount of happiness for the food I was about to indulge.  That was until I noticed that I did NOT have salt and pepper! I know I am a powerful dark fairy! However, I did not wish to have to use my powers for something so simple! It should have already been within these walls! I was furious! My appetite was GONE!


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