Music is life!

I loved the opening music for The Joy of Music, it was very smooth. The intro conversation was also great too, very personal, and relatable. I have several playlists on Spotify as well with a variety of music and genres, I appreciated the selection of music used throughout the show. It’s all different. The anticipation and wait to dive in and hear the music at the beginning had me at the end of my seat! It was great and a nice way to stay interested.

The instruments used in the just about all the music in the show was so classic. From experiences and love of filmmaking, to cooking, and quality/connection time with family it all came together beautifully. The show was downright awesome! You can hear the effort put into it. Tight rope… wow? I love reggae music. The song had me bobbing my head and I will be adding it to my playlist. I love the whole vibe they all gave in each of their parts. It was a great night listening to music on #ds106radio and I am glad I tuned in tonight.


  1. I really liked this one too-it was so well done, and I loved the different styles of music that were chosen. I especially loved learning more about how the music connected to each speaker

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