Número Dos

10-Step Photo Challenge [Remixed]: In Another Language-Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. Think about angles and lighting to create interesting photographs. Create a collage in a photo editor. Remix Card: “In Another Language” Translate the story or add a foreign language to any assignment, take it elsewhere in the world.


I used PicCollage to complete this assignment. I took pictures with my phone then arranged them in the collage. I had never used this software to make a collage, I usually use PhotoGrid. The assignment looks simple but it’s a bit difficult to get exactly 10 steps worth of pictures and they not be same exact thing. So I took very LARGE steps and did many twists and turns without taking the steps. Then I added a few Spanish words to indicate where the beginning, middle, and end were during the process.

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  1. I think this assignment is really different, but creative. I think it is cool how you were able to put all of these pictures together, and express them in another language. I definitely think you captured good angles and lighting in the photos that you took.

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