Patterns run the world


The reading The Vignelli Canon (TVC) and Brain Pickings article about Kidd cover a lot of helpful tips regarding design. Since I am not too familiar or interested in design, TVC was a hard read. However, it did have some useful information. For example, I would have never thought design had so many moving parts, and I never really thought that most of our decisions are made by design. I thought it was as simple as coming up with an idea and making into something great. I like how Kidd put it “Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into the brain. It is a cerebral experience, not a physical one. Architecture wants you to walk through it. Industrial design takes your hand (or other body parts) to appreciate it. Fashion makes you put it on. But Graphic design is purely a head trip, from your eyes to your mind.”

For one, design requires in-depth research of the history of the design selected and we need to search what it means (Semantics). According to TVC, we need to understand the subject in all its aspect. Investigation of its complexities and uncertainties of the design are helpful to define the limitations that one needs to conduct while designing. Why would we need discipline when designing? I would have figured designing meant to run with it without any limitations. Yet, discipline is needed to make sure we enforce rules upon how we operate to create a design to make sure it is great. There is no room for sloppiness, carelessness, or procrastination when we design.

Appropriateness is needed to ensure we have the right kind of materials scale, expression, color, and texture when designing. Visual Power is important to design because it is what usually captures the attention. In all reality, when people design their goal is to have consistency and want to be sure that the design lasts a very long time. Design is to create an imprint on the world or at least to have an impression in someone’s world.

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