Being timed on anything makes me nervous! Ha-ha! I started at 2:05 and ended at 2:25. Most on my list were fairly easy but I did have a bit of difficulty on a couple. My list on photoblitzer was as followed….

  • Change perspective! Look up make a photo of what’s going on in the sky.
  • Find a pool, puddle, or other body of still water. A photo of a reflected subject.
  • A shadow in a way that makes it difficult to identify the object
  • Get closer and fill the frame.
  • Your favorite color.
  • Take a photo showing the wide open space, the great outdoors.
  • Pink is HOT! Make a photo dominated by something PINK.
Look up

Change the perspective- This one was easy, I just walked onto the porch and snapped a picture. I was trying to hurry so I didn’t pay much attention to the little circle on the picture. Even if I had noticed it, I’m not sure how to remove it.

reflected subject

Reflected subject- This one was a bit difficult since I had limited time to capture the picture. Taking a picture of water in a glass was the best I could come up with in the moment. This one probably took me the longest!


Shadow- I looked outside and this was the first shadow I saw! It isn’t difficult to identify what it is but it is a shadow. I made sure to turn the phone so I would capture my shadow.

fill the frame

Fill the frame- Here is good ol Gambit from X-MEN.

favorite color

Favorite color- My favorite color is ANY shade of blue or purple, but this color was the first I could find.

out doors

The great outdoors- my backyard is a very open space.


Pink- This is my absolute favorite picture! I had no clue how to do this, but I started to mess around with the editing options on my phone and I was able to do it! My Pink Flash! 🙂

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