Plot Twist!

For my first assignment bank I selected Design Assignment. After looking around for a bit I was overwhelmed about the amount of options I could pick from. Therefore, I decided to try a random one and I was lead to DS106 Word Cloud. I was asked to complete a word cloud that outlines the class and what has been learned. After being redirected to Wordart I was able to insert my words and watched the magic happen!

Word Art

Immediately, I thought about our first week of class and how many programs I was exposed to that I had never used before! I started typing in all the words that popped in my head and it came out beautifully. My favorites colors are blue and purple, and I branched off of those colors for my whole world cloud. I wanted the word cloud to be a bit unique so I changed the arrangement of the words and how they flowed together. It doesn’t look bad for my first time!

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