Reverse, Reverse

They say second is the best! I selected video assignments after exploring the assignment bank. I don’t do well with videos so I picked a 3 star value assignment called Play It Backward, Jack. I had to take a video of something in my life and reverse it!  This one took a bit of research because I had no clue how to reverse a video unless it is on SnapChat! I Used Clideo to reserve the video and then uploaded it to YouTube.

This assignment seemed simple and it was aside from researching the program to use for the reserve setting. I wanted to use a quick video that explained a lot about me as a whole. This video is of my boys! My oldest pushing my youngest in his stroller. Needless to say this video sums up my world!


  1. I really liked the idea of reversing a video, I have never done it before either, unless it was on Snapchat. I think it is interesting that there is specific software to use, to create this reverse effect.

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