That’s a wrap-8/27/21-9/3/21

Another interesting week for ds106! We are diving into something new each week and it is very exciting to learn different programs in the digital world. I also look forward to the weeks to come after seeing the outline for the remainder of the course and expressing myself as an artist. I enjoyed exploring the Assignment Bank. They were fun and I saw some pretty cool things under a lot of different categories. Some looked super difficult, but I definitely want to try them with a little guidance. Below are my assignment banks for this week.

Assignment #1 Assignment #2 Assignment #3

If you haven’t noticed my favorite thing is the ocean/beach and my favorite colors are purple and blue. Therefore, my blog reflects that and I tried to customize my blog as much as possible but I am still getting use to WordPress. I did upload a beach theme but it wanted me to add several more items and I didn’t want to risk it

Engaging with each other is very important since we will be working together until December! I replied to my blog comments but I also commented on my peers blogs as well regarding their post. Twitter is probably the easiest way to connect with each other because it so convenient. I downloaded the app on my phone and it is so simple and quick.

This week we were also introduced to Daily Creates a.k.a DC as I like to write. I think these are a neat to do but some can be a little challenging than others. I think that’s the point! Here are my 5 DC’s.

Monday’s Daily Creates #1
Tuesday’s DC #2
Wednesday’s DC #3
Thursday’s DC #4
Friday’s DC #5

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