Well Dad…

The second writing assignment I selected was A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words and it is three stars. The task for this assignment is to find a picture and write a background or short story for it.


This is the Fantastic Four Family. Mom is away on a business trip which has left Dad to watch over the boys for a while. Before leaving, Mom wrote down all the house chores, school assignments, and regular activities that needed to be done while she was gone. Mom made copies and gave it to each of the family members, but also place a copy on the refrigerator. As time passes, the Three Stooges (Dad and the boys) pick and chose which chores and assignments they want to complete. They insist on selecting the high priority chores because they know Mom would want those to get done. The rest they leave alone and put it on the back burner. Finally, mom is on the way home and the boys are so excited to see her! They come out of their rooms, and they confuse their dad with mom. Dad says, “It’s me, we’ll just blame the pandemic for not completing this particular activity!”

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